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Founded by Rick Barber, Grow My Biz was created to provide assistance and guidance to owners that need small business help and assist them in achieving the vision and results that inspired them to go into business for themselves in the first place. The truth is that most small business owners struggle day to day. Not for a lack of working hard or trying, but for lack of working hard on the right things necessary to grow their business.  Rick Barber, the founder of Grow My Biz realized quickly after starting his first business in 2001 that he needed some small business help…but struggled to find accessible and affordable options for his needs.  Over the next several years, he would attend workshops, read books, meet with other business owners more successful than him and anything else he could find to assist in his business development knowledge.  It is out of his process of navigating the waters of business development training that he elected to provide an easier and more cost effective means of providing small business help to our nations entrepreneurs.

Grow My Biz has been built on core values and a company culture of educating small business owners and turning around the trend of failing businesses in our country. We believe that affordable access to the right information, the right direction and right support and guidance structure is all that is needed for most small businesses to be successful.

Grow My Biz’s Mission Statement is: 

To help small business owners achieve physical and financial freedom by educating and assisting them in developing foundationally strong and effectively run businesses fueled by purpose and meaning.

Grow My Biz’s Guiding Principles are:

  • The strength and cornerstone of our reputation derives from the integrity of our products, services and staff members.
  • It is only through the success of our clients that we will realize our own success.  We will accomplish such success through due diligence, clear communication, specific goals and well executed plans.
  • We work to instill purpose and meaning in the works of our team members and clients.
  • Regardless of title or pay grade, every member of our team is considered a valuable development leader in identifying and outlining ways to improve our business, products and services.
  • Quality over Quantity – While our programs can work for every business, we accept that not every business can work within our program.  As such we must only align ourselves with clients that share a strong understanding and belief in the framework, its principles, and a true commitment to its disciplined steps.

Every one of our services come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Simply put, if you don’t feel you got the same, if not greater, value than what you paid for our services…you get your money back!  Our reputation and track record is the key to our success and we are proud to put it on the line with each and every client we work with.

We are honored that you have visited our site and would love the opportunity to share our passion for business with you. Please take a moment to request a FREE Assessment Meeting, and let’s begin an incredible Journey to Success together.

What our clients have to say

..our business is up an average of 30%

Richard,Avenue Automotive
We can’t say enough good things about Rick Barber and the services we have received from Grow My Biz. Unlike other consultants we have worked with, they are hands on and have been able to assist in just about every area of our business. They have a real talent for identifying counterproductive areas in our business and provide effective solutions backed by measurable results. They work based on my goals and objectives for the business and have even been able to show areas where I was the problem. Since working with Grow My Biz, our business is up an average of 30%, our processes run smoother and our customer satisfaction is higher. They have helped my business become a better business and helped become a better owner. Every small business owner should have a partner like Grow My Biz.

...they came highly recommended

Jeri,Jeri’s Bakery
When it was decided that we needed a web presence for our bakery, Grow My Biz came highly recommended from a family member who had attended one of their educational workshops. They not only were professional to work with, but they were able to clearly understand our vision and work with us to update our logo and design a website that provides the perfect illustration of our business.

...willing to engage at whatever level necessary to get the job done.

Bree,Home Zone Furniture
Grow My Biz has been an incredible resource for us in our rapid growth over the last couple of years. They have not only been of tremendous help with our website needs, but also in regards to our benefits development and technology guidance. It is really nice to have a relationship with a company that you know has your best interest at heart and is willing to engage at whatever level necessary to get the job done. Their advice and instruction serves not just this company, but others we are considering or engaged in as well.